Welcome to Gate to Garnish

In a complex world that at times can feel a little bit overwhelming, Gate to Garnish offers you something deliciously simple, which really is making a positive change. Passionate about 100% Australian grown produce, our environment, sustainability in food, and helping the homeless we’re doing things a little differently here in South Australia.

At Gate to Garnish, we have taken the century’s old tradition of dehydrating food, and evolved this into a hand crafted, small batch 100% all natural seasonal product range of Australian grown citrus and fruits that are packed full of vibrant colour, heavenly aroma, and mouth-watering flavour. May we introduce our family of citrus wheels, fruit slices and our food innovation, citrus dust. Vegan friendly and gluten free, there are absolutely no artificial colourings, sulphites, processed sugars, preservatives, anti-caking agents or nasties added to our product range.

Search our products page for delicious ideas on how to add a little something special to your culinary creations. And when your packets done and dusted, don’t throw it in the bin, you can reuse it for other food products, or keep it safe until the return of soft plastic recycling scheduled for 2024.

So thank you for choosing us, you really are making a positive difference in a very simple way.

Check out our products in action

  • Frozen Lime Margarita

    Looking for a refreshing way to level up your beverage? Simply rim your glass in our citrus dust and top it off with a citrus wheel to complete the look. So yummy.

  • Party Platter

    Create a platter with a range of cheese and add some of our fruit slices to compliment the finest flavours. But be quick, as they won't stay on the board for long.

  • Chicken + Veg Stir Fry

    When you're wanting something fresh, tasty and warm, this chicken and vegetable stir fry topped with our citrus wheels and citrus dust is a crowd favourite hunger buster.