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Lime Wheels 50g

Lime Wheels 50g

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They may be little, yet they are mighty, bursting with tropical delight, lime wheels sit perfectly in your beverage of choice, from a whisky sour, classic margarita or refreshing lime and soda, you can even grill, stuff or bake with eggplants, capsicum or garnish a cheeky chocolate slice.


100% Australian Grown Fruit

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50g, 65g, 70g
16cm (w) x 23 cm (h)

75g (citrus dust bags)
11cm (w) x 17cm (h)

Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dark, dry place.

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Our citrus dust is changing the way we cook and use fruit. There are so many ways to bring this amazing product to life and bring a burst of flavour to your creations.

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